Are your social media accounts becoming too much to handle?

Social media can work so well for lots of different business. Some have been said that without social media advertising their business would of failed. Getting the balance right is essential when it comes to promoting your business through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Too much and people will be put off following you, too little and you will become forgotten about. When you first start out with social media marketing, you may well feel that you can do it all in house but if your business does start to grow quickly there may come a time when you feel it has gotten too much to handle. Missing messages and not responding can be detrimental but rather than cutting down on your social media marketing, why not look to out source it? A web marketing agency will be able to offer you a quick package where they manage all your social media marketing in your behalf. They will obviously change a fee for this, but it is usually well worth paying it rather than stopping the marketing altogether. You can also then call on their expertise to advise you on what you should and should t be doing to get the most out of the sites.

How to improve your business Facebook page

Facebook can be a great tool for businesses that are looking to engage with or attract customers. Not only do you want to promote your Facebook page within Facebook but also externally on your website, business cards and sign writing for example.

Your Facebook Page is the first thing people see when they come to visit you on Facebook. Let visitors know why they should like you. Make sure that your description or welcoming paragraph sums up what you do but in an interesting way. Make sure that you have the correct tabs within your page and if you are selling a product or service, then have a section dedicated for photos. Categorize these photos if possible, to allow the views to go straight to the ones they are interested in.

When your page first goes live, be sure to ask as many friends and family members to like it. Then when new people come on to your page it already looks like you are popular and they are more likely to want to like / follow you too.

Facebook ads are another great way to increase Facebook likes. Experiment with different types of ads to see which ones work best for you and give you the best return on investment.




Reviews on social media sites

Facebook is the largest social media site and is used by millions of users on a daily basis. People are not only using Facebook to communicate with their friends and family but also to search for products and services they may be interested in.

May companies have caught on to this and no have an active profile on the social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but often miss out on a golden opportunity of reviews.

Facebook allows companies who have set their profile up correctly to ask customers to leave reviews for them. These reviews often have to be accepted by the company before going live.

Good reviews help to reaffirm potential customer’s opinion of your company and are often enough to persuade someone to buy from you.

If you have not got the option for people to leave reviews on your profile, why not add it in and see what your customers really think. Not only is it helpful to potential customers but can also be vital feedback.

Writing attractive content for social media sites

The idea of social media marketing is to allow you to quickly engage your customers with relevant and useful information. The social media sites can prove very effective for a number of businesses who take the time and effort to post the right sort of information on them.

Knowing what to post can be tricky and that’s why it is often worth investing in the skills of a social media expert who will no able be able to advise you on what content to distribute but also when to do it and to whom.

Images are often as important as the content as they do say a picture speaks a thousand words. I recently came across a social media post with an image of a man running and the caption said “looking for a carpet fitter?” The image had no connection to the post and was irrelevant, which put me off reading any further.


Top Twitter marketing tips

Twitter is a fast growing social media site. It has over three hundred and twenty million active users and therefore seems a great place to market your business. It has grown more in the last 9 months and in the previous 5 years and this accelerated growth is expected to continue in the future.

Some businesses struggle when it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tool, not really knowing what to tweet about. Below are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Keep your tweets personal – we don’t necessarily mean personal information just with a sense of personality. Make sure that your write it in the way you usually would make a comment or that it reflects the ethos of your brand.
  • Keywords are great when it comes to marketing of any form and Twitter is no different. Add keywords to your tweets to establish an audience.
  • Share content and links that are useful and relevant. If you have recently read an interesting article or post then share a link to it for others to read but remember to add your own little comment on too.