How to get your targets audience’s attention on social media

Standing out from the crowd and building brand awareness on social media is no easy task. With more and more companies and businesses using social media as a form of marketing, it should come as no surprise that competition levels are high and you need to do something to get your brand recognised and to stand out from the crowd.

You need to make sure you stand out and give your social media profiles a personality. It is easy to fall in to the trap of posting a picture or articles and a link to a blog post every day and think that you’re done,  but people will often find this boring and will quickly move on to something else. Adding a touch of humour to some of your posts or putting a picture of something funny that happened in the office allows people to connect in a more personal level and keeps them engaged. Try and move away from sounding like a robot. Choosing to use words that include feelings and emotions will help to keep your posts personal. If you are struggling, always re-read your text before posting and ask yourself does it sound like something you would say in a conversation, if not then you may need to change it.

Advertising on social media, how much is too much

Advertising using any format has always been down to a delicate balance, too little and your advertising isn’t effective, too much and you can actually annoy potential customers and reduce your uptake on offers or services. So how do you find that balance?

It’s said that a potential customer needs to see an advert an average of three times for them to take notice and store the information from the advert. With that in mind repetition can certainly be effective as long as its not too noticeable.

Using social media is a great tool for advertising as you are able to tailor you advert and send it to only people who fit into certain categories meaning that the advert is likely to be more relevant to them.  If you decide that you want to send your advert only to people aged between 18-25, for example, you may want to tailor the language you use to be less formal and include more slang or current popular youth culture words.

You may want to consider running your advertising campaign for a fairly short amount of time but in concentrated bursts, this will give you the repetition you need without annoying customers who will have seen your advert regularly.

Its always worth carefully tracking the impact your advertising campaign has had to help you in the future to judge just how much is enough when it comes to repetition. Asking for customer feedback on where they saw your advert is a great way of doing this.



How to recover from bad social media comments and reviews

With the age of social media, it is now easier than ever to fall victim to bad social media reviews and comments that have a negative effect on your business. Nowadays, many people use the internet and particularly social media to find companies that offer the products or service they need and to get feedback from others on what they are like. Regardless of whether or not you have a presence on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can still find that you have customers who are not happy and have no issue voicing this for thousands to see online.

All companies will get an unhappy customer or complaint at some point, but it is how you deal with it that makes a difference. If you find a bad comment that has been left about your business online it is important to address it. You may want to message the person privately to discuss the issue but it is also worth commenting on their post to say that you are very sorry to hear they are not happy and have messaged them to discuss it in more detail. This shows other people who may read the comment that you have accepted someone is not happy and are trying to sort out the issue.

Too many businesses still not on board with social media

As a marketing consultant, it surprises me how many companies are still not using social media as part of their marketing strategy.

Not only are these businesses not using social media but it is not always because they don’t know how to, many are just very reluctant to. If you use social media yourself on a regular basis you will probably understand the power of it. You may be following a number of businesses and joined a number of groups and find that you regularly interact with them and even purchase based on posts you have seen. If, however, you don’t use social media you may think it is a waste of time and a place you do not need to advertise on. By using the social media sites you do not necessarily need to do the paid for advertising, often creating a profile and keeping active is enough.

How to use social media to get your brand recognised

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool. Many businesses are using social media in a number of different ways to promote themselves online across many platforms. Once you have a brand you need to get your company and products or services recognised, and social media can help massively with this. You first of all need to set up accounts across as many platforms that you wish to target such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you have active accounts you will need to start gaining followers and friends. The easiest way to do this is for you to start following businesses and friends / associates that you already know, they in turn will probably follow you back. Then you need to start sending out and posting information that people will be interested in and ask them to re-send that information to their followers enabling you to reach a wider audience. Th e power of social media advertising can be immense if used correctly.