Free marketing via social media

If you are a fan of programs such as Dragons Den or The Apprentice, they you will quickly start to realise the impact that marketing can have on a product or an entire business. Many of the candidates on these programs have an idea that may be really great, but without the correct sort of marketing, it is hard to let people know that your business or product even exists.

There are numerous ways of marketing and some types work better for some businesses that for others. Doing little or no marketing will make it virtually impossible to gain success and in turns sales and this is often the reason why many companies fail.

Social media is a great marketing platform for all types of businesses and to start with you don’t even need to invest any money in them, just a bit of your time. Even having  social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter for example can gain you a few enquiries and if nothing else, will give you a place to showcase what your company offers and give your customers a way of contacting you other that the usual.

Setting up a basic social media profile is relatively straight forward, but to get the most out of it, it is recommended to speak to a marketing company.


Facebook to become more business orientated

Facebook seem to be heading in the direction of offering more services to businesses and turning the website in to something that generate revenue on a large scale. Facebook is currently worth in excess of two hundred and thirty billion dollars and is owned by a number of wealthy investors. These investors will be looking for a return on their investment and although Facebook make a lot of money through advertising, there is still plenty more they can do.

People have often wondered if Facebook will ever start to charge for use of the site or for a premium account, but there are no rumours to this effect at present. So it makes sense for them to start looking for other ways in which to increase their revenue, i.e through services they offer to businesses.

There are no firm plans being publicly announced yet, but I believe it is only a matter of time before there are some big changes with the social media company.



What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing can be thought of as an indirect method of marketing your business. It is a powerful process that uses the principles of traditional marketing programs with the social objectives that ultimately promotes your business through social media channels. Social media marketing is the new wave of online marketing, while traditional marketing focuses on the immediate sale. Usually along the lines of ‘This is what we are, this is what we do, that’s why you should buy our product or service, buy now’. The length of sales cycles vary within traditional industries, but the goal remains the same – close the sale. Continue reading