Facebook ads – which click through option should you use?

When setting up Facebook adverts you have to choose what you want your ad to do. For example, do you want people to be able to click on to the ad and go to your Facebook profile page? Do you want them to go through to a website or do you want them to contact you via Messenger, WhatsApp or phone?

You need to think about what the main aim of the ad is? You want to try and reduce the amount of clicks a purchase needs to make to complete the task you wish them to do. For example, if you are advertising a new product that they can buy from your website then you should make the ad click straight through to this page. If you do link it to your profile page on Facebook or even the home page on your website, then the person will have to click through again to find the page they are looking for.

If you are offer a wide range of services that are tailored to a person or businesses specific needs then you may want to put a messenger or WhatsApp link on as they may need to contact you to find out more or obtain a personalised quote. Often you can have two different types of ads running at the same time to see which one performs better for you and your business. You can then use this data going forward to help you decide what to do next.