Has your social media presence taken a dive?

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your business. Unless you are doing paid for ads, it is all free to use and you can build up an online following very quickly. Sometimes what can happen with on the social media site, Facebook for example, is that you will do something which gains you a massive number of followers but then over time they start to dwindle off and before you know it you have a fraction of people following you that you did before. This often happens if you have run a competition and asked people to follow you to be put into the draw. After the competition a large percentage of this people will then leave unless you give them a reason to stay. Ideally you should try and run competitions often to keep people interested. You could do one small one every couple of weeks and then a bigger one every couple of months. Holding on to your followers is vital but you have to keep them engaged in order to do so. Also with many of the social media sites, if you do not interact with a profile that much you often will not see all their posts in your feed.