How can Facebook gain your more customers

Facebook is the largest social media site on the internet. With over 24 million active daily Facebook users in the UK alone it makes sense to try and include it in part of your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is a fairly new concept, but is proving to work for millions of businesses all over the world. Very often the businesses that it works best for is business to consumer industries as they can interact directly with the end use of their product or service.

Hairdressers and beauty salons always do well when marketing on Facebook as they can build up a list of followers and send out marketing / promotion messages very quickly. This information is often then forwarded on to other Facebook users that may not have previously followed the salon. Many business owners will send out special promotions exclusively for their followers on Facebook.

It really can be a massive marketing tool if used correctly and best of all, there is no charge to create a Facebook account.