How can Twitter help your business

Social Media is a widely used term in many people’s personal and business lives. Social media is an online type of media like Twitter, Facebook or MySpace for example. Most people have heard of Facebook, but over the last few years Twitter is becoming more and more popular with many celebrities choosing to update their fans with their movements / photos and news. Twitter can not only be used on a personal level but can be a great tool for businesses. Twitter allows the user to communicate information with a network of people that follow them instantly, not only is this great for advertising maybe a new product or service to existing clients, but also to allow customers to views their opinions and thoughts in which you can respond. Used wisely Twitter can be very effective and it does not need take up much time. Just one or two tweets a day can soon build up your own group of followers who can also advertise on your behave by “re-Tweeting” your posts.