How to get the best out of your social media business accounts

Social media marketing can be extremely effective and many businesses are already on board. Some businesses only use social media as their form of online marketing and for those especially, it is vital it works.

When looking at Facebook for example, you firstly need to ensure that your business page is completed as fully as possible. Be sure to add plenty of images, ideally a mix of products you sell, group of staff photos as well as any special offers and pictures of your premises. You should also make sure that you have your opening hours displayed and that you have an easy and clear way for people to contact you should they wish to.

Once you have a solid profile, with a good description of what you do you can then start to promote your page. You can pay for Facebook advertising to start you off or you may want to invest a bit of time by sharing your page within local groups and with friends.

Once you have a number of followers be sure to keep you page updated with any latest news, events and products. You may also want to add a place for reviews and price lists.