How to get your targets audience’s attention on social media

Standing out from the crowd and building brand awareness on social media is no easy task. With more and more companies and businesses using social media as a form of marketing, it should come as no surprise that competition levels are high and you need to do something to get your brand recognised and to stand out from the crowd.

You need to make sure you stand out and give your social media profiles a personality. It is easy to fall in to the trap of posting a picture or articles and a link to a blog post every day and think that you’re done,  but people will often find this boring and will quickly move on to something else. Adding a touch of humour to some of your posts or putting a picture of something funny that happened in the office allows people to connect in a more personal level and keeps them engaged. Try and move away from sounding like a robot. Choosing to use words that include feelings and emotions will help to keep your posts personal. If you are struggling, always re-read your text before posting and ask yourself does it sound like something you would say in a conversation, if not then you may need to change it.