How to improve your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the largest social media website online today with over 1.24 billion active users registered. Businesses are now starting to catch on to the power of using social media as a marketing tool and many companies have created a Facebook business profile page. If you have a page or are in the process of creating one then below are some handy tips to improve it and increase your marketing potential.

1)      Claim you Facebook business URL. The URL is the address in the top of the web browser. Many businesses leave the URL for their page as ending with loads of numbers instead of claiming the URL and being able to create a simply domain such as /peteshairdressers. This will also help for Search engine optimisation purposes.

2)      Complete as much information of your profile as possible. Too many companies only fill in the very basic information thinking they will return to complete the rest, this rarely happens and instead you end up with an incomplete profile. The “About” section is there to allow you to describe your business and what you do. Use this wisely as this is the page your visitors will see and make an opinion of you based on.