How videos can work well on social media

If you use or are considering using social media for your business marketing, then you should think about how you could incorporate videos in to this. Videos can work really well and can help boost sales of a product or service or even just raise awareness. If you look on many social media sites such as Facebook or Tic Tok you will see that they are inundated with videos. You may of found yourself getting sucked in to the social media worm hole and watching videos that come up just because they are there but sometimes this can then lead to you actually making a purchase or at least doing a bit more research to find out more about a product.

Video testimonials and reviews can also work really well on social media. Having real people talk about their experiences and opinions can carry a lot of weight. Along with these, tutorials are another very popular type of video to post. It may eb that you want to show how a product works or how you use it and the benefits It has. They say a picture paint a thousand works so imagine what a video can do.