Is now the right time to set up a social media marketing business?

The last 15 months have been a challenge for us all. Some businesses and freelancers have thrived and others have found it tough, or maybe not even made it through. One industry that has done well is the world of online marketing. Although initially some businesses cut back on their marketing, worried about cash flow, they very quickly realised that they needed to be investing in improving their online presence in order to continue trading. With the UK going in to lockdown and having restrictions imposed at different times throughout the year, it was vital that businesses could communicate and trade with their customers online. If they didn’t have a website then they would either need to have one built or use one of the other marketing platforms such as social media. The social media sites have proved vital to thousands of businesses as with them, they may not of been able to do any business at all. Even when restrictions are lifted, it will be a good idea to continue with this sort of online marketing as the world of online retail is ever growing and unlikely to stop.

An online marketing company or freelancer will be able to advise you on where to invest your budget to get the best return on your investment.

Are your social media accounts becoming too much to handle?

Social media can work so well for lots of different business. Some have been said that without social media advertising their business would of failed. Getting the balance right is essential when it comes to promoting your business through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Too much and people will be put off following you, too little and you will become forgotten about. When you first start out with social media marketing, you may well feel that you can do it all in house but if your business does start to grow quickly there may come a time when you feel it has gotten too much to handle. Missing messages and not responding can be detrimental but rather than cutting down on your social media marketing, why not look to out source it? A web marketing agency will be able to offer you a quick package where they manage all your social media marketing in your behalf. They will obviously change a fee for this, but it is usually well worth paying it rather than stopping the marketing altogether. You can also then call on their expertise to advise you on what you should and should t be doing to get the most out of the sites.

Expanding your business into new locations

Whenever you are looking to do something new within your business, it is vital that you plan for it in advance. It may be that you want to launch a new product or try a click and collect service or possibly target new areas to sell your products or services in.

It is vital that create a marketing strategy well in advance of when the change is going to happen so you have plenty of time to market the idea and let your existing and potential customers know.

If you are going to start advertising in new areas then you need to think of the most cost effective way of doing so. It may be that you decide to do a door to door leaflet drop or perhaps you use Google AdWords to get your site found for new locations. Whatever you chose to done sure to have a way that you can track how successful it has been. Social media is another great way to target new locations and there are often local groups that you may be able to join and advertise in to get the word around. Just always check the rules of the group before posting!

How to get your targets audience’s attention on social media

Standing out from the crowd and building brand awareness on social media is no easy task. With more and more companies and businesses using social media as a form of marketing, it should come as no surprise that competition levels are high and you need to do something to get your brand recognised and to stand out from the crowd.

You need to make sure you stand out and give your social media profiles a personality. It is easy to fall in to the trap of posting a picture or articles and a link to a blog post every day and think that you’re done,  but people will often find this boring and will quickly move on to something else. Adding a touch of humour to some of your posts or putting a picture of something funny that happened in the office allows people to connect in a more personal level and keeps them engaged. Try and move away from sounding like a robot. Choosing to use words that include feelings and emotions will help to keep your posts personal. If you are struggling, always re-read your text before posting and ask yourself does it sound like something you would say in a conversation, if not then you may need to change it.

Web marketing through the Covid pandemic

So many businesses have struggled over the past twelve months due to the restrictions in place because of the Covid pandemic. It may be that the business has not been able to open at all such as many in the leisure industry or that the business has had to change to trade online. For this who are still able to sell products or services in some way, it is important to continue marketing.

If you have recently moved to selling products online then you need to ensure that people can find your products. Most people use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find products they want m. In order to get your site found you may need to enlist the help of a marketing expert. They will be able to advise you where’s best to invest your money. It may be that you also decide to do a Pay per Click campaign to get your site found. Google have their own one called Google AdWords which allows you to get traffic to your site almost instantly. You pay per click through to your website in hoping that these visitors will then purchase from you. The amount you pay will depend on the competition for the keyword and the quality of your site in relation to that phrase.