Social media as a platform to advertise community events

A popular way to communicate with the local community is through the medium of social media as it is a good way to publicise community events, dispense information and safety advice. Although the idea of using a physical noticeboard situated in a prominent position has been used for years this is becoming a less common way of communication largely due to the fact that fewer people are walking to shops than previously and therefore they are not seeing the notices posted there.

A social media community page where two or three members act as administrators on the page and monitor the posts and comments is becoming a regular sight. Members can request to join the group and, in some groups, have to wait to be accepted before they can begin posting. This method of communication is useful as it can convey new information quickly for instance in the case of a cancelled event. Local businesses can advertise their services and any special events that they are holding such as open days.

A disadvantage with this type of community noticeboard is that there are people who do not use social media so they will not be aware of posts that may concern them.