Social Media marketing during lockdown

With the UK now in a second national lockdown many businesses are worrying how they are going to survive. Unless you are lucky enough to be working in an industry that is still able to trade as normal such as a super market, then you are most likely losing out on customers which in turn means your profits start to drop. It is vital that you find a way to continue trading as much as possibly whilst adhering to the lockdown rules.

Many shops and businesses are looking to promote their business more online. If you do not previously have much of an online presence then this can be quite daunting. You may not have the money to invest in a website at the moment in which case social media sites may be the answer for you. Even if you do have a website then you should not dismiss the importance social media marketing can have on your site. Often much of the marketing that you can do on these types of sites is free so you do not have to worry about investing a lot of money in to them, it is mostly just your time. It can also be done from the comfort of your home.