Which content is most popular on the social media network?

Social media can be great as a marketing tool and a way of keeping in contact with your customers and allowing them to easily contact you.

A lot of businesses struggle to know what content to put on the social media sites to get the most response. Below are the results of a recent study carried out to find out which content was most popular across a range of social media sites.

LinkedIn – Content regarding wines, luxury goods, jewellery and airlines received the most interactions across LinkedIn.

Facebook – Sports and entertainment posts seem to do great on Facebook, so if you are within these industries then you may want to start here.

Twitter / Instagram – and for those of you within the music industry then Twitter and Instagram is the place to post your content.

Obviously, that’s not to say that if you do not fall within the above categories you will not get any response, ideally you want to be targeting all social media sites.