There are a lot of marketing methods that people can use to promote their websites. Some of them may want to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve their sites’ ranking on the search engine. Some people choose the PPC (Pay Per Click) program. Each method has its own benefits and disadvantages. However, not all Internet marketers know about the differences between these two methods. Once people know about some benefits and disadvantages of these methods, they should be able to find the best method for promoting their business on the Internet. So, PPC or SEO? Read this article below to find all differences between these methods.

SEO Pros

1. Free way to attract visitors

This is the first reason why people want to use SEO campaign for promoting their website. Once people are able to reach the first page of the search engine, they should be able to get free visitors to their sites easily. All visitors are going to visit their sites regularly. Using SEO method is believed to be the best way to get free visitors for the long run.

2. Improve customers’ trusts

Most customers usually trust all companies that have their websites on the first page of search engine. When people are planning to improve their customers’ trusts, they should learn how to place their sites on the first page search engine result organically. It may increase the sales performance in any companies today.


1. Takes a lot of time

Although the SEO campaign has a lot of benefits, this method has one main drawback. This method takes a lot of time and effort. People are not able to see the results instantly. They have to spend weeks or even months to get the results from this method. Many people don’t want to do this SEO campaign because of this drawback.

PPC Pros

1. Best way to do market research

It is a perfect method for testing the market. Therefore, many Internet marketers usually use this PPC program to do market research. They usually want to know the response from the customers before they launch their products or services. PPC (Pay Per Click) program is recommended for all business owners because it can give instant result. Most PPC programs usually have their analytic tools that can be used to see the market’s response easily.

2. Can target specific audience easily

There are some PPC programs, such as Facebook Ads, that allow all advertisers to target their audience. This is very useful to target some specific customers easily. There are some categories that people can choose when they want to use this marketing campaign. It may increase the possibility of selling some products or services to these targeted customers.


1. Expensive way to promote website

This is the main reason why this program is not attractive for certain people. Most small business owners don’t want to use this method because of this reason. This program requires a lot of budget for doing some advertisement campaigns. It takes a lot of money to sell some products or services when people use this campaign. Therefore, this method is usually used by many large enterprises that have a lot of budget for their advertising programs.