SMM a customers view

Lets try for a moment and remember a world before social media, no Facebook, no Twitter, no instagram how did you reach your customers? Newspapers? Tv adverts? Radio broadcasts? As a business you would have carefully planned and researched who you were targeting and how best to reach them. And it is no different now, except now they can reach you far more easily. As a consumer I expect to be able to communicate with a business in the same way I do with friends and that is invariably going to be through social media. If a business has no presence on social media I am often skeptical about them, wondering why they are not making it as easy as possible to contact or research them. The simple fact is when I am looking to spend money with a particular company I want to feel comfortable about who they are and I want to know that if something goes horribly wrong a can contact them in an instant. By avoiding social media marketing a company can come across as standoffish and even lose customers. So to all of you wondering if Facebook is the right place for you consider this, not only can I find out everything I want to know about you in a couple of clicks, you too can find out about me, we can be ‘friends’ we can ‘chat’ and I might even ‘like’ you.

Why use Facebook?

Many companies state that the do not want to use Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy as they offer a professional service and do not see how some parts of social media can help them. More and more people are using social media to find products and services they need, even such as accountants and architects. For this reason it is vitally important to have a presence on there. Even if you do not get work directly from there, it can help to quickly build up a brand and may just give a customer confidence to buy from you. You may just use Facebook as another form of contact for some people, as if someone can quickly send you a message they are more likely to contact you than having to pick up a phone.

Also Google does taking in to account social media activity when it looks at ranking your website on their search engines so it can all help towards your SEO.


Too many businesses still not on board with social media

As a marketing consultant, it surprises me how many companies are still not using social media as part of their marketing strategy.

Not only are these businesses not using social media but it is not always because they don’t know how to, many are just very reluctant to. If you use social media yourself on a regular basis you will probably understand the power of it. You may be following a number of businesses and joined a number of groups and find that you regularly interact with them and even purchase based on posts you have seen. If however you don’t use social media you may think it is a waste of time an a place you do not need to advertise on. By using the social media sites you do not necessarily need to do the paid for advertising, often creating a profile and keeping active is enough.






Reviews on social media sites

Facebook is the largest social media site and is used by millions of users on a daily basis. People are not only using Facebook to communicate with their friends and family but also to search for products and services they may be interested in.

May companies have caught on to this and no have an active profile on the social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but often miss out on a golden opportunity of reviews.

Facebook allows companies who have set their profile up correctly to ask customers to leave reviews for them. These reviews often have to be accepted by the company before going live.

Good reviews help to reaffirm potential customer’s opinion of your company and are often enough to persuade someone to buy from you.

If you have not got the option for people to leave reviews on your profile, why not add it in and see what your customers really think. Not only is it helpful to potential customers but can also be vital feedback.


Which content is most popular on the social media network?

Social media can be great as a marketing tool and a way of keeping in contact with your customers and allowing them to easily contact you.

A lot of businesses struggle to know what content to put on the social media sites to get the most response. Below are the results of a recent study carried out to find out which content was most popular across a range of social media sites.

LinkedIn – Content regarding wines, luxury goods, jewellery and airlines received the most interactions across LinkedIn.

Facebook – Sports and entertainment posts seem to do great on Facebook, so if you are within these industries then you may want to start here.

Twitter / Instagram – and for those of you within the music industry then Twitter and Instagram is the place to post your content.

Obviously, that’s not to say that if you do not fall within the above categories you will not get any response, ideally you want to be targeting all social media sites.