Facebook paid for advertising explored

If you already have a social media account on Facebook but are looking to try and promote it and build up your following or get traffic to your site, then you may consider doing some Facebook advertising. The beauty with Facebook paid ads is that you can set your own budget, so it you want to start off small you can. You do not have to commit to keep running the ad either so you can stop it at anytime or set it to only run for a certain number of days.

When setting up your ad, you have a number of options available to you. You need to decide what the main aim is with the advert. Is it to get traffic to your site or to get likes on Facebook or is it to sell a particular product or service? Once you have decided this you can then choose the right option to create your advert. You will also need to have an image that you can use on the ad. This may be a generic one off your social media or website or you may design on specifically to be used on that advert. You can also select groups of people you want to show your ad to based on their interests and also their location, gender and age.