What is the best social media site for my business?

I often get asked, which is the best social media websites for businesses to use? The answer is, it depends on what type of business you have and how often you can interact with it.

For many businesses that deal direct with members of the public, Facebook a great social media website as you can build up followers and communicate with groups of people or individuals. You can contact them instantly and build up your brand via advertising your website and products / services. For other companies that have the time to interact on a daily basis and possibly even an hourly basis, Twitter is fantastic. This can work well for companies that want their clients to contact them in this way and if they want to be able to keep clients informed of current updates to issues being rectified or service updates that may affect them.

Ideally all businesses should use as many social media sites as possible as long as they do respond to people on there, otherwise it can have the opposite effect.